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Duane widely uses products by Daly's Inc. in Seattle for stock finishing.  After sanding to 400 grit, follow these steps: 

1. Raise the grain with a weak solution of oxalic acid (a powder), to cleanse and bleach the wood. 

2. Apply a solution of Daly's "Ship n' Shore " sealer using alkenet root powder in the ratio of about one 1 1/4 oz packet to a quart...you can "strengthen" as you see fit...maybe up to 50%.  

3. Liberally slop on the sealer combo over a period of about 2 hours until the wood will not seem to take more. 

4.  Wipe off excess with a paper towel and set stock aside for a day or so. 

5. Do it again..set aside for a day and do it again.  You are tring to get as much finish as possible into the pores.  

6.  Now...with alkenet root and "Sea Fin" solution, repeat as with "Ship n' Shore"..maybe two or three times.   You have come a long way towards filling up those pores! 

7.  Not done yet!  

8.  Buy some rottenstone and mix with Sea Fin solution to a tooth paste like consintency and using a piece of felt or a pad from an old t shirt, "scrub" this mixture on the stock across grain.  You are filling the pores and polishing as the same trime.  Don't let it get too hard, wipe off the excess across grain, being very careful to not allow build up in the nooks and crannies.  

9.  Do this over and over again until satisfied with the result…typically 20-30 times while allowing a drying time of 24 hours or so between treatments.  This is not a quick way, but you will be very proud of the result.